vertex group with a bone is not stay 2.64


I created mesh into gingerbread use subdivision surface modifier and put hearts on Gu’s body. I applied them so i could put rigging bones. I did not realized that I applied subdivision surface modifier before I put bones. I select vertex group for the bone and apply them. I deselected and test if select the group but it spread over half of body. I wonder do you have any idea i could un subdivision surface so i could group them before i could apply them? or any suggestion to solve that problem? oops. it’s 2.65

finally! I have to remove the vertex group of bone first! then select vertex group then assign… me duh! i am still learning…

I created group vertex of that bone was success but I tested bone to move with pose mode. why the hearts of lip and eyes went deform even not stick with head which I already join eyes and lip with head insteads of parent them for animation?

that is what i mean… help me!!!

oops not 2.64… it’s 2.65 sorry