vertex grouping and posing problems

Can someone more expert than me look at this blend file and tell me where I’ve gone wrong with the vertex grouping around the armature please?

Warning - I know there’s something wrong with the armature - it was passed onto me via Milkshape by someone who’s trying to get a character into Unreal Tournament and we’re using this and various tutorials to figure out how to do it. Some bones don’t seem to be part of a chain and seem to be parented elsewhere while others seem to rotate the whole body (pelvis for example). I don’t believe this is this particular problem but I’ve been wrong before…

In pose mode, you’ll notice that rotating the head doesn’t pull the ears with it although they’re part of the same vertex group as the head bone.

Rotating a forearm moves part of the torso although no part of the torso belongs to the forearm group.


For the ears, select the mesh and go into edit mode. In the vertex groups, select Dummy.07, (your head bone), and hit the select button. You’ll notice some of the ear verticies aren’t selected. Select those and hit the Assign button.

No body verticies are assigned to the forearm group, but some are assigned to the fingers that the forearm moves when it moves. DO the same as above, but go through and select your fingers groups, hit the Select button to find the errant verticies. Select those and hit the Deselect button.

Note you can have verticies in more than one group. You have to deselect them from a group you don’t want them in AND assign them to a group you do want them in.

Good luck! Funny model btw :wink:

My fault. I thought I was posing the head when I was posing the dummy bone. My friend’s export routines from Milkshape or whatever he’s using are still being worked on hence the confusing naming of the bones.

Re. the fingers, I’d ignored the dummy bones forgetting that I’d need to remove vertex groups from them.

Many thanks for taking the time to point out my stupidity… :wink: