Vertex Groups and Exporting

I have a rigged humanoid figure I am exporting to Unity, and as many of you probably know, Unity is very particular about certain attributes of the exported model. One is that it expects every vertex to be weighted to no more than four bones, i.e. belongs to no more than four vertex groups associated with deform bones. Is there a way,without methodically selecting every single vertex one by one, and looking at its vertex weights, to tell which vertices are weighted to more than four bones and/or is there a script to or other method to force all vertices to each belong to no more than four groups?

Thanks ahead!

It would be possible to write a script. I don’t know how myself.

You can also use the “limit total” operation to automatically limit the number of groups. It just cuts out the lowest weighted groups, which isn’t always great with autoweights (which are usually really diffuse), but it works fine with hand weighted stuff.

You can also weight from a cage. If you start with a quad-only cage where each vert has only a single vertex group, you’re guaranteed to never get more than four weights when doing a data transfer on nearest face interpolated. You can subdivide the cage and tweak weights of subdivided verts to your hearts content, so long as you don’t add groups.

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Thanks very much! This didn’t directly solve the problem, but it allowed me to mimic what Unity was doing in Blender, so I could find and fix the offending vertex. (It somehow had gotten weighted to the head bone!)