Vertex groups and subdividing

Hi - searched and read the docs, but couldn’t find an answer on this. If I create a vertex group in a mesh, and then subdivide that mesh, either through the W menu, or a modifier, then all the new vertices get added into my group, even if I have it locked. I want to be able to retain the selection of vertices before the subdivision took place. Is there a way?



What are you trying to accomplish?

Many Blender function uses Vertex group. New subdivided vortexes needs to be added to original Vertex group for it to work properly. Subdivision modifier will not work at all if newly created subdivided vertex comes out independent of Vertex group you have assigned to an area.

Well, mostly I’m just experimenting… But I remember a technique I saw someone post in an old forum (wings 3d I think it was) that if you take a subdivided mesh, and delete the original mesh out of it, then you end up with an all quads mesh with no poles… Kind of a cool trick…

Can anyone out there recommend a Python script that will do a save/recall selection for vertices? I’m looking into it, but never done any blender scripting (although I am a coder…)