Vertex groups disappearing in 2.93.4

When I left click anywhere in the 3D viewer my vertex groups disappear! I redownloaded Blender and tried a few projects - same result!?

This only happened in 2.93.4 so I opened in 3.0.0 which was all okay until I realised the groups disappear if I open in older versions (not backward compatible). I would work entirely in 3.0.0 but it crashed when I tried to render motion blur in previous project.

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:question: What do you mean by disappear :question: When you are in edit mode and select some v-group and click in 3D-view (while not holding shift) of course then youe deselect you selection…

Nah they just disappear soon as I click anywhere in viewport, I highlight the object again and the groups are gone. It’s weird. I thought perhaps it was because I used multiple rigs so I rebuilt them all (making sure they’re all NEW in rigify) but same result. I’m using 2.91 for the project now.

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? again ? what do you mean ? are they going deselected / invisible or even the group names are gone ?

The whole groups disappeared, once I click back on the object they’re gone. This happens with all objects.

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Same problem here, the vertex group system is totally broken since 2.83, but it works on 2.80.

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Yup I’m using good old faithful too. A lack of answers/questions on this topic had me feeling like I was going crazy.

It seems very weird that the whole system is broken -which means no more animation through armatures basically- and that there are so few people mentioning it.
I was wondering if it could be linked to a parameter in the user preferences that would be automatically used on newly downloaded versions but did not find any solution -if it is so-.

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Have you been using 3.0 alpha by any chance ? Vertex groups moved to mesh data a couple months ago ( and it’s not backwards compatible.

edit Ah, you did write you used 2.93. It’s probably a different issue then

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When you open in Blender 2.93 a file saved with Blender 3.0, vertex groups are not visible anymore.

To recover the missing groups in B2.93, create new ones and rename them if necessary.
Weights will be restored

I have tried the B3.0 alpha but had the problem before and did not create vertex groups wit the 3.0 alpha version, so that it seems to come from somewhere else.

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I made a video to show what’s happening (now in Blender 2.93.5). I make the rig and object in this version of Blender in one session. I’m stumped…

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Yeah this is a big problem, since the gltf exporter seems to have an issue as well…I cannot export gltf from 3.0 without a python error…so I go back to 2.93 and ofc…no weights…so that’s not going to work…I spent all weekend on 16 different npcs for a game that I, essentially have to redo all the weights on…my fault for jumping straight into 3.0 I guess.

I just submitted a bug report…seems like it should be trivial for someone to fix.


Just in case anyone is having issues with this. I’ve found you can go back to blender 3.0 alpha and everything seems to work as expected from previous versions…at least in my case…
I’m sure it’s possible this is on a case by case basis, as I am not certain when exactly they moved the vertex groups to object data…and I have not bothered looking deeper into it.

In my case, this problem was caused by a shortcut (that I do not remember setting up) that linked the function ‘Remove vertex groups’ to the ‘Left Mouse’.

I’ve also encountered this issue which I suspect happened because I updated to 3.1 recently than accidentally opened my file with 2.93 and it removed all meshes’ vertex groups and somehow all the action strips in NLA Editor was set to hidden.

Hi, I have the same issue but with other blender versions. So I have my animation file save in Blender 2.8, then I open it in blender 2.93 and the vertex groups disappear. Is there anything I can do without doing again all the animation.