Vertex groups disappearing in 2.93.4

When I left click anywhere in the 3D viewer my vertex groups disappear! I redownloaded Blender and tried a few projects - same result!?

This only happened in 2.93.4 so I opened in 3.0.0 which was all okay until I realised the groups disappear if I open in older versions (not backward compatible). I would work entirely in 3.0.0 but it crashed when I tried to render motion blur in previous project.

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:question: What do you mean by disappear :question: When you are in edit mode and select some v-group and click in 3D-view (while not holding shift) of course then youe deselect you selection…

Nah they just disappear soon as I click anywhere in viewport, I highlight the object again and the groups are gone. It’s weird. I thought perhaps it was because I used multiple rigs so I rebuilt them all (making sure they’re all NEW in rigify) but same result. I’m using 2.91 for the project now.

? again ? what do you mean ? are they going deselected / invisible or even the group names are gone ?

The whole groups disappeared, once I click back on the object they’re gone. This happens with all objects.