Vertex groups don't copy when copying Hair system

A lot of times I create 2 or 3 similar hair systems for variation, and when I make the copied system single user, it doesn’t copy over the associated vertex groups. I have to re enter them by hand, so to speak. Is this a bug / intended behavior? Ever notice that?

I think it’s the intended behavior, probably because whoever coded it tended to behave more like me than like you. When I copy a hair system, it’s usually because I want it as a starting point to use somewhere else (e.g. top of the head is done, now let’s make some eyebrows). That’s probably how the developer thought it would usually be used. But I’m sort of guessing. Also I think I would find it annoying if my copied hair system immediately popped up in the same place as the original. I would end up constantly grumbling at Blender, “Quit acting like you know what I want to do with that! I’ll put it where I want it when I’m ready.”

In other words, I think this is a case where they had two perfectly valid choices of behavior, and either option would annoy the people who wanted the other choice. You’re unfortunately on the annoyed side this time around. :yes:

Yeah, I can see that. Sometimes it is what I want. Just not this time. I guess this is kind of a case of nothing to see here, move along. Cheers.

Sorry to disappoint. :wink: