Vertex groups from envelopes?

Is it possible to create vertex groups from the envelopes of bones?. ie all vertices in a bones envelope be assigned to a vertex group?

sorry for timewasting. if i read the release notes on weight painting i wouldn’t have needed to post.

If any one does a search for this i know how annoying it is if the solution is not posted either! so here you go…

Using Envelopes to create Vertex Deform Groups
With a Mesh being in “Weight Paint Mode”, you can now select Bones of its associated Armature (but only when the Armature Object is in Pose Mode).

In WeightPaint mode, you can also edit the soft-distance deformation of Bones using the ALT+S hotkey.

Press Wkey to apply the Envelopes of selected Bones to its Vetex Deform Groups. This option also creates new groups, if they didn’t exist yet.

(from blender 2.40 relese notes)