vertex groups glued to location when posing armature


I’m experiencing a little problem when posing a rigged hand.
The mesh of the hand has 3 vertex groups because I joined nails and skin (each with a different material) that had previously consisted of separate meshes.

I’ve set up an armature modifier on the now joined mesh but in posing mode the nails still stay in place as if glued to their locXYZ, and stretched from the ‘moving’ part of the hand. Like a cartoon hand super-glued to an invisible table.

If apart from this issue, you notice bad practice in my way of working, I would also appreciate any input you might wish to share.

Thanks in advance,


Are the verts weight painted to the appropriate bone? Go into weight paint mode and select the bone you want to pose to make sure that the mesh is all red where that bone should influence.

Well, it makes no difference, some vertices remain stuck. Even after removing the nails completely some of the vertices of the hand itself ALSO get stuck.

Doesn’t make any sense.

Can you post the blend?

no I can only upload valid jpg.
you can dl the file at
thx for the help

Okay, the problem is that you need to either be using envelopes or weight painting/vertex groups. For this hand, envelopes are probably fine, but weight painting is more flexible generally.

First, choose envelopes or vertex groups on the armature modifier. For the time being, let’s say you go for envelopes. Then you want to do envelope view for the armature, (you’ve currently got it on octahedron) as in the picture. Then you want to make sure that your envelopes fully, um, envelope the mesh they should influence. You can scale the envelopes thickness in edit mode, selecting the bone and scaling. As you can see in the illustration (I’ve also got X-Ray view turned on for the armature) if the armature fully covers the finger, as it does the pinky, then all the verts move.

More on envelopes and how to go from envelopes to weight painting:

It worked, thanks a lot ! :slight_smile: