vertex groups hardness & hair

Hi all:

I’ve got a question on vertex groups and hair. I’m modelling a guy. And to set hair on his head I set a vertexgroup on the top of his head. When I see the figure on the weightpaint mode I see that the vertex group does not go abruptly from red to blue. And when I set hair on his head, in the “gradient zone” there are less hair than in the red zone. This makes my model look a bit strange…

  • can I set this gradient to zero?
  • Am I doing something wrong? (probably yes)

Thanks in advance!!!


Separate that part, paint it, then join it back.

yeah, thanks!!! that works, but in the edges, once I join them together again, I have doubled vertexs and if I set “remove doubles”, things go back to the begining, this is, I have this grandient again. Should I keep the doubled vertexs? Is that the only way?



You could use a separate mesh for the hair (you wouldn’t need to worry about gradients then). Or you could use the new particle editing tools to add more hair in the areas you want, before combing them, cutting them, etc.


I’m still trying to believe what these guys have done!!!, PARTICLE EDITING TOOLS!!! Ah sweet mistery of life, at last I found you!!!