Vertex Groups: Need Help Understanding French Tutorial

Hello Everyone:

I am trying to understand part of a tutorial in French:

The effect I am trying to accomplish is illustrated at 6:00 almost exactly. His explanation seems to begin at about 6:25. The effect is that he somehow isolates a group of faces on an object on which to grow hair, so the hair only appears on some parts of the object.

I don’t speak/translate French very well, and the technique he uses seems to presuppose a few steps, but, if anyone out there can help me understand, then I’d greatly appreciate it!



Select your model and go to Weight Paint Mode
Then click on that button :

It will make the wireframe appear over your object (that would be fully blue if this button wasn’t checked)

Then press SHIFT (and leave it pressed) then right click on each faces you need to be selected

You can press B to make a rectangular selection if you prefer or leave C pressed and move the mouse to select too.
Once you have done your selection, you can now paint your weight, it will paint only over the selected faces.

This vertex group will be named by default “Group” :
You can change its name if you wish.

To add another vertex group, press A to unselect the faces that are selected on the model then click here :

It will add another entry there, and you’ll notice the red weight paint has disappeared, because for now it’s your new vertex group that is selected (if you reselect the previous one, the weight paint is back)

Select your other faces and weight paint them.

Then when it will come to add particles (hair,etc…) only on the vertex group you have weight painted, it will be there :
In the drop down menus, you’ll be able to select which ones of the vertex group you want to use.

I was about to write what Robsoie has just explained but it seems I’m too slow :slight_smile:
Now, if you can’t understand enough French, why do you follow a French tuto ?
Anyway, at the beginning of this video can be read that there is subtitles for non French speakers but I can’t find how to display them.

Very cool! I got it to work. :slight_smile: Thank you.

Hey sliv,

I was actually trying to learn hair dynamics in 2.5, and that video had everything in it I wanted. Most of the other hair dynamic tutorials I found were for 2.4, or they were too long, or etc…

It was actually kind of fun trying to figure out the language though. I only have about 2.5 years of college French from years ago, but I was able to make out some of it. That part on Vertex Groups was a little confusing though.



Ok no problem.
In my case, if I hadn’t improved my english by watching english speaking series or movies and by reading english books after school, my english level wouldn’t have been enough to follow some tutorial, I think.