Vertex groups or material assigning? What is it now?

Ok. first off, I am still using 2.59 but I am just putting off 2.6 until I want to do something more serious.

My posting is about some options in the mesh controls/in edit mode I don’t see anymore. Basically, where now do I find the ‘select & assign’ buttons for assigning materials to a portion of a mesh I have currently selected in edit mode? Not gonna look at new manuals atm and I did already search this forum about it. it was my favorite way to get ‘extra detail’ accomplished within the same basic model/object quickly before the ‘new’ interface arrived. I used to select the faces and assign the new material/textures on to a portion of a mesh I modeled by using the assign/select buttons, in previous releases, and then go into ‘materials’ to view/assign the effect I was trying for rather easily . . . now I don’t have any idea where those options are. I am expecting them to be in plain sight but still I didn’t find them. This was usually most effectively used for a sci-fi creation I would be practicing my modelling on. The window/viewport could be selected on the spacecraft model and turned transparent and/or chrome without having to make another object.

If you know what I am trying to ask/describe and have an answer please reply. If you don’t have a clue just explain what I am missing in my example/question. It is a pretty basic question but I looked and nothing seems familiar enough to say “that’s it”…which is what I will say when you tell me where to find it! If you have a better technique to get the same type of results please divulge how it is done. I would be impressed.

I have a lot of questions but I will ask them as soon as I need to. This thread may turn into a useful one after I am more acquainted with this new Blender interface. thanks for any help.

I tried to figure it out while I waited for some help but all I can find is the vertex groups options. I don’t even know how those apply to my needs. I selected the faces I wanted to have a different material, then assigned them some colors and textures but nothing happens. It just changes the objects material all together. Any clues to how to use vertex groups the way I need to? I think it should be the track to follow but I have to look at the new manual about how they work. I will update this when i find out the best solution.

Unlike with previous versions of blender, think logically, where would you expect to see a setting to apply a material to selected faces in edit mode ? In the material panel ? Yes, in fact just below the list of materials there will be Assign, Select, Deselect buttons. Again, logically these only show up in edit mode as that is the only context thet they would be used.


No replies and the manual I found said nothing of Vertex Groups at all. So I don’t even know where else to look. Is this actually that vague of a posting or is the question not basic enough to get a reply?

Logic is what I need, for sure. I think I know what you mean but as far I know it didn’t do the trick but I will try that. I sort of used those buttons with the vertex groups as I grouped them but it just made the material change for the whole mesh. Thanks for the info though.

Those are for vertex groups / weight painting, nothing to do with materials.

vertex groups is for weight painting??? I didn’t see a pic before and got your gist anyhow. I tried it, with out confusing myself with VERTEX GROUPS, and it worked like it used to. Thanks very much for the help. I knew it was in plain sight but I didn’t put two an two together. Is this the right use for those options? I think it works pretty well on the rough models I create.