vertex groups plz help something. | don't ignore :) |

How do you get info about which vertex group --> which bone and which vertex —> which vertex group?? plz help me don’t ignore my post

They will if you don’t write better questions…

Start by reading the manual:

The page you are looking for is:

For a vertex group to follow a specific bone, it must have the same name. So the Vertex G “Arm” will follow the the bone “Arm”

To know which vertex is in which group. Just load a group in the drop down menu and press the "select button. You’ll see which vertex is part of this group. You can’t really do the reverse, selecting a vert to find a vertex group, as one vertex can be part of all the groups at the same time…

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Also, in 2.40. Select the mesh, go into Weight Paint Mode. Move your mouse over a face/vertex and then SHIFT-LMB. This will bring up a list of vertex groups that vertex belongs to. This is very useful for fixing vertices that misbehave because they were accidentally added to the wrong group.

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Look in a fresh API doc, cambo keep one uptodate between release:

Sorry about that questions, but English isn’t my language. Maybe you can help me with scripting. I am working on Warcraft 3 Exporter for Blender. I encountered problem with vertex grouping. Warcraft uses vertex groups and relates them to bones in way like:

vertices {
vertex groups {
0 {1,2} <— vertex group 0 is connected to bones number 1 and 2
1 {2,3} <— vertex group 1 is connected to bones number 2 and 3
2 {0,1,2}