Vertex Groups

Hi there, i would like to assign two vertex groups to one object. for example a cube:clip_1
the gif is not working :confused:
let me try to explain:
i select two faces and assign them to vertex group 1 - i invert the selection and add a new vertex group and assign the other faces to the vertex group 2. now i thought the vertex groups are saved, but if i deslect or select the saved vertex groups i got all faces selected.
here the bigger gif version :confused:

They are vertex groups, not face groups. Selecting a face and inverting that selection will still have some of the vertices of those faces being selected for both. Faces share vertices.

thx, makes sense.
is there any way to safe face selections?
i would like to assign different materials to them

Are you able to just assign materials through Material properties?

You could always create empty material assignments like so:

I am not really sure what your goal is with needing such a selection. Did you want like a preconfigured selection or something to easily select a specific group of faces?

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ok, i guess i dont need any selections