Vertex Groups

For bones there is a function “Flip Left-Right Names”, which is handy if you just duplicated the left side and want to re-name all the duplicates to use for your right side.

But what about vertex groups? I’ve just made a bunch of changes to the mesh on the left hand of my character. I’d like to duplcate it and flip it over to the right side.

Do I have to manually create and assign all the vertex groups for the right hand now?

Is there an easier way?



isn’t there a python script for that? I don’t recall for sure…
please try the bundled scripts, in particular Enveloppe symetry, could do the trick


I looked (and tried) the scripts, but couldn’t find one that does what I’m looking for.

A Mirror Modifier on half your mesh should be all you need (if it’s symetric) but you could try one of these two scripts:


I just went ahead and did it manually since it was only one hand.

Thanks for the lead on the scripts :), I’ll look into this script next time:
It looks promising!

Thanks again,