Vertex Groups

I’m not sure that I posted this in the right forum, but move it if you see fit.

I have a person that is fully rigged except for the head. When I parented the mesh to the armature, I had a head bone, but it did not create the vertex group. I made a vertex group “Head,” But now how do I get the actual bone “head” to connect with the vertex group I have?

Solved. I just had to activate “Deform” under the head’s armature.

there is a vertex group selection one of the panels (i believe its the one that tells you the name of the bone). I forget exaclty where and what its labeld as, because I’m currently at work and can’t go there myself, but it is a drop down menu that lists the vertex groups that are available for this bone…it will at first list all the groups you’ve defined as being available for all the bones and if you’ve applied the vertex groups to the closets bones you will definelty have to tweak this a bit and the quickest way is by simply deleting the vertex groups from the drop down that should not effect the currently selected bone. Or maybe its vice versa…like there is a vertex group panel with a drop down list of bones…i think that may be closer to what actually is because I remember assigning, by names, the bones to the group and not the other way around.

If noone has given you a more difinitive answer by the time I get home I will post some screen shots for you.

Yes you will need to tweak the vertices per bone groups. You can do that by painting them. I find it easier to do.

In pose mode, select all bones, then click the object mesh…sometime getting into wire frame mode makes it easier to select just the mesh.

That will take you to object mode, and then you click the menu and go to vertex paint mode. Have you done this before?

You might want to read about it in the BSOD for character animation, its easy to do. And you can drag your bones around to check that you have all the verts painted.

You can do it the other waY as above too. Some think its much easier then painting. Here is the tut.

I fixed it. No worries.