Vertex help?


I was wondering if you could get a vertex position(in global cordinates)
and it´s orientation in real-time
with and without it being parented to animated armature
throught the codes getXYZ and getNormal or any other way

and if so how do I know which one is the vertex I want to getXYZ and getNormal

please explain preferly with a code or any other method

and is a normal like orientation or something else

and another question can I set RGBA colour on selected or all vertex-ies through the setRGBA code in realtime

and another thing correct me if I´m wrong a vertex is a face right
Just want to be sure

and by the way I kinda know some python if that helps

any help would be apriciated:D

Well, I don’t know about getting info on one specific vertex. If I were trying to find that info I would search the functions of an object.

import GameLogic as g

object = g.getCurrentScene().getObjectList()["OB<i>yourObject</i>"]

print dir(object)

should print a list of the functions to the console. If there aren’t any functions for vertices, I would place an empty on the vertex I wanted to know the position of and make the object its parent. Presumably the empty would follow the object and always stay on that one vertex. That way I could get the position of the empty at any time and know the position of the vertex.

About normals: Normals indicate the direction a face is “pointed.” Unless you have the “two-sided” option turned on for a face, you will only be able to see its texture/vertex color when you are looking at the the normal is pointing out on.

setRGBA: Never tried it.

Is a vertex a face: No. A face is the space inside a given group of vertices. If you have a square, the vertices are the points at the four corners, the edges are the lines that connect the vertices, and the face is the space inside the edges.

Is there then any way to make a axis point in the same direction as the normal

and thanks for your reply gonna try it later

Why you need this? There could be some workarounds.

well it so I can get the exact vertex from my character gun to at the precise angle

but that doens´t matter anymore I think I can just get the position and then make the empty trackto 3d

if there is a solution I would like to still know

and another question does verticies and faces have normal cause when i´m in edit mode and set the normals on it only shows the faces normals

thanks anyway

For Blender vertices do not have a normal.
Faces have normals because a normal defines the vector orthogonal to the face. For Blender faces are flat so all normals point into the same direction. Blender shows one in the middle of the face.
You could argue that a vertex is part of the face. This is correct. So the normal of the vertex is equal to the normal of the face it belongs to. Vertices shared by more than one face are finally splitt up to build the faces.

I’m still not sure what you do with your guns vertices. I would deal with the complete object. The object has a position and an orientation.

okey I thought that you could get the orientation through normal

I´m certain that I saw a blend example long time ago I think it was made by Zero something where you could shoot something like plane with a picture into the wall and it would like get the location and rotation of the wall you hit and place texture where the ray hit it and rotated it to the vertex orientation or something

does anyone know where to find that blend or how to do that

because I want to be able to place mines on the walls and in the floors ect.

basicilly I just what to know is what ways there is to get a wall/ceiling/floor location and rotation

any help would be apriciated

That is the ray sensor. It provides you with the hit position and the normal of the face.
You should search for bullet holes. There is a script around doing what you want.

this is what your talking about, havnt tested wheather it works in new builds, but it thanks to Sutabi for it.

dont go directly to file, go to link then look for file