vertex hooks in game mode

I want to make some meshes to morph in response of other object motion.
In design mode this is achieved by vertex hooks.
What is proper feature to implement the same behaviour in game mode?
How to make meshes to morph in response to KX_GameObject transrofmation?

Vertex hooks aren’t supported in the BGE, but you can use shapekeys (check the ShapeAction actuator)

ok with ShapeAction.
but actually i need to apply them to generated from onload script objects.
it seems to be impossible to create any logicbricks from python script.

What are you trying to do?

What are you meaning with “onload script objects”?

You can’t edit/add/remove logic bricks in game.

If you want to

activate the the shapeAction actuator. I can’t see why you would like to add logic bricks at runtime. They should be present already.