Vertex jumping/snapping to another (far off) Vertex

So while modeling (a car in this case) and moving multiple vertices, part of the vertices I am moving would snap onto another vertex from another object (or somewhere near the 3d cursor, I’m not sure). This would be fine except for the fact that the snapping is almost random and far off from my wanted destination. (eg. I would be modeling the back bumper and the vertex would jump to the front bumper).

I am new to blender and I’m assuming that I am doing something wrong. The magnet snapping tool is turned off.

here’s an example. In this case, while moving the car window in the X axis, part of the window would snap unto the side fender.

Thanks in advance!


Check you haven’t accidentally enabled Retopo in the mesh editing options.

YES! You are right! THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

What’s the purpose of retopo anyway?


Retopo allows you to create a new mesh that conforms to the surface of another mesh. This is useful because it allows you to rework topology (the ways in which your vertices are connected) without worrying about losing the shape you’ve spent time building.

Check out the wiki page for more:

Thank you once again. Good luck with everything!

you can always change the zoom factor and the angle in the viewport
so that it;s almost facing straigh on

that it should not jump far away and makes it easier to snap on !

hope it helps

Thanks for the tip! But in this case, I didn’t want it to snap. I apparently turned it on by accident haha