Vertex Keys

(reD_Fox) #1

I’ve been trying for a couple of days to do this, and decided to ask for help.
Is it possible to take one object and “morph” it into another object using vertex keys? I know how to use simple vertex keys (haven’t played around with relative keys much) to animate a mesh. While I can create a starting key, then manipulate the mesh to form a resulting key, I haven’t yet figured out how to take one object and morph it into another object.
It would seem a simple process if I could “copy and paste” an entire mesh, but unless I’ve really missed something, blender doesn’t do that very well.



(blenderanim) #2

You can do it with vertex keys, but it can be kind of tedious, especially with a complex mesh.

You could put both meshes on the screen and use the snap menu to align the vertices from one mesh to another.