Vertex Keys

Apparently I made a vertex key on my mesh. How do I delete it? Or see it? I cant even find it. But when I try to join two meshes together now it says it cant do it on vertex keyed meshes.

Ok, here’s what you do.

Select the object that has the vertex keys. Shift-F8. Now click the Icon on the lower left (on left of View, Select, …). The one that displays the current window type. Select IPO curve editor, click on Object and select Vertex. There you should see your vertex keys.

Hmm, I think you could pretty much take it from there. Just select and delete.

Jason Lin

Nope. I dont see it and I dont know why. I was looking in the curve ediotr but nothing. Not in object mode, edit mode, or anything. I have no ideia what I am doing wrong but it still says it cant join objects with vertex keys so I know they are there.


Nevermind. I dont have it. I deleted the only vertex keys that showed on my object but it still says it has some. Where might they be?

Hmm, can you post up a .blend?

Jason Lin

Maybe you didn’t delete all of the keys? Press Home with the mouse in the IPO Window and then delete all of the horizontal blue and horizontal orage lines you see. And make sure the menu that shows the key type says “Vertex” (the only thing on the right portion of the window should be “Speed”). If you still have the problem, you’ll probably have to put up a .blend for us to look at.