Vertex normals change in mesh with no faces

I am making a script for a sports game(FIFA 14) and i need to import some objects that actually contain information about each spectator’s seat (position, seat rotation, color etc). The positions are stored like certices and my purpose is to visualize these vertices somehow.

What i’ve done now is to create a mesh with all these vertices, and of course i have no faces.

What i want now is to find a way to apply that seat rotation to the vertex normal in order to be able to see it in the viewport through the normals.

The problem is that i’ve never been able to change any face’s normal permanently. Blender keeps recalculating them.

How can i change the mesh’s normals and protect them from recalculation?

Blender will always recalculate them. Maybe it would be easier to visualize them with empties? That’s what I’ve used in a similar situation.

Will i be able to show the rotation with some way?
In addition, as i told you the vertices represent seats, so in every file there may be 40000 of them, it sounds a very big number for empties in the scene :confused:

Why not represent each seat by a small face instead of a single vertex, with the appropriate normal?

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Yes, you can represent rotation with empties, but 40,000 would be a lot :confused:
Matthew’s suggestion might fit your needs better.

Sounds a magnificent idea. But again there comes the problem with the normals, it will be recalculated wouldn’t it?

Recalculated? Vertex normals are difficult to control, because they are determined by the surrounding faces. But face normals are determined by each individual face; they will only change if you change the face itself.

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