Vertex of a mesh following a vertex of another mesh

Dear All,

I’m wondering how to have a single vertex of a mesh that is always linked to a vertex belonging to another mesh. As an example, think of a flower (missing the stem) that is already modeled and animated, and you just want to create the stem that has one end always attached to the (moving) flower, and the other end well fixed in the ground.

I tried to mess around with constraints, particularly “Copy Location” and all the “Track” ones. I can specify the vertex group of the target object that must be followed, but the constraint is applied to the entire “follower” mesh, while I only would like to have a single vertex moving.

Any suggestion?

Once again, thanks for your support that already helped me out a lot in the last times…

First thing that comes to mind is adding a hook to your vertex (Ctrl+H) and then parent that hook to the vertex of the second object (Ctrl+P), or add a constraint to the hook


hook.blend (82.7 KB)

That’s really cute! I will try as soon as possible. Your attached file does exactly what I need. Thanks!

…Is there any way, for a more complex mesh, to have the tip “hooking” to an empty (like you did) and all the rest of the mesh following proportionally? Like when you walk over a chewing-gum that sticks to your shoes and you rise your feet? :slight_smile:

Hooks can have a falloff

Very well, I’ll study it.

Once more, thank you so much.