Vertex on a plane

Say I have a plane defined by three points. Is there any way to place a vert on that plane when the plane is not parallel to two axes?

If the triangle or quad is parallel to two axes, you can just set the camera perpendicular to those axes and move the vert around. But if the triangle or quad is tilted at a strange angle (as they often are), there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this.

Try the most excellent Geom Tool script (which I am a fan of but not affiliated with) for all of your precision mesh modeling needs.

Also the Retopo tool is a way of snapping vertices to faces’ planes.

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Select the three verts that define the plane. Snap the cursor to the selection (Shift+s>>Cursor to Selection.)

Deselect all and add a vertex with Ctrl+LMB. Snap the new vertex to the cursor (Shift+s>>Selection to Cursor.) Now your new vertex is on the plane, at the center.

To move it to some arbitrary position, select the face and press the * on the number pad, which will orient the view to the face normal. Then select the new vert, grab and move it around to where ever you want it.

What Orinoco said is closest to what I was looking for. Thanks a lot.

I tried to run the geom_tool, but the console gives me

File “<string>”, line 210
return dict((i, verts[i]) for i in verts.selected())
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I’ll try the retopo tool when I get the chance.

Thanks again.