vertex paint blur brush.

Hi all,
One of my colleagues mentioned he had troubles with the brush tools in blender and had defaulted back to Max to get the job done. He mentioned that the blur brush averaged the weights into a single value under the brush making it almost impossible to create smooth, feathered transitions in weight painting.
Naturally I didn’t believe him and tried it for myself. Here is what I found…

Was difficult to get the result I wanted. Any thoughts?


After some tests, the blur “tool” behaviour seems rather strange.

Try this:

  • Set the vertex colour of your mesh to completely white.
  • Then set the brush colour to black.
  • And the brush mode to blur.

Normally you wouldn’t expect any result blurring white with its surrounding - also white. In Blender, the blur “tool” also uses the brush colour to blur. Blender’s blur can’t be called an actual tool, but more like some sort of added affect / blending mode of the brush. Go figure :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: It’s even weirder, I tried blurring with red brush colour and the only result was the brush painted the mesh slightly grey… go figure #2

Glad it’s not just us. Coming into Durian and particularly any film work aspirations Blender has after that would really benefit from this being looked into.


Only if it catches a dev’s interest :slight_smile:

I am amazed at the lack of response to this.
Surely, rather than scramble for more and more tools, the way forward for Blender is to make what it has robust and production ready. Does anybody other than Lamoot and i think this is in need of review?
We wanted to use Blender’s hair combing as part of our production pipeline here at work but it’s weight painting tools have let it down and we have deferred to Max to get the job done.


Report it to the bug tracker, and perhaps make the thread title more specific.

Yep, making a bug report is the best way to get things fixed. The question is, whether this is a bug or simply a really weird feature. The blur doesn’t seem like a broken tool at all (despite the bad result), more like some half-hacked blur effect for regular brushes. Check the lighten and darken modes as well, these two depend on the brush colour as well, also unlike what you’d expect compared to tools from more 2d oriented apps. Anyway, here’s the link:

Hopefully someone can look into it.