Vertex paint in 2.8 not working for doughnut tutorial

Hello, I was cruising right along on this tutorial, which I’'m sure a lot people know about, ( and when I got to the part using weight paint mode to create a vertex group to distribute the sprinkles better, it didn’t work. I went to vertex groups and clicked “group” and the sprinkles just kind of wiggles about. Thanks in advance for any help.

doughnut.blend (1.0 MB)

It’s been a couple weeks since I did the donut tutorial but I did do it in 2.8. I can’t show details at the moment but it can be done. Keep exploring. I’ll try to help later.

Would reply you yesterday but blenderartists told me to wait 15 hours. :f

Weight paint works correctly for me, althought I had to click weight paint second time because first time it opened texture paint mode.

And then, when you set weight map to control density you have to double tab - this will refresh particles. In 2.79 it was refreshing live as you paint, in 2.8 you have to exit and enter paint mode so particles refresh.
Don’t know if that’s a bug or it’s done this way to avoid thousands of particle refreshes per second.

That worked! I guess it’s just a little glitchy thing with 2.8.