Vertex Paint in Windows Vista 32/DX10 gpu??

Hi all,

I’ve just invested in a spanking new laptop with an nvidia 8 series directx10 gpu, which seems to hate openGL apps. I’m running Vista as it came pre-installed and I can’t be bothered to retrograde to XP (and partition for OSX dual boot…)

So anyway, in Maya the 3D viewport goes blank white every time a dialogue opens, and in Blender I can’t use the Vertex Paint toolbox as any window obscuring an openGL viewport causes it to do weird stuff. I included a screenshot to illustrate my problem…

Any ideas so far? I’m searching the forums now.


Try turning off the Vista “Aero” theme … It seems the transparent windows and other eye candy in Aero does not play nice with Blender … Just revert to “windows classic” or the old xp theme … I recently got a laptop w/vista myself and turning off the aero theme did the trick for me …

Similar problems here, though with more than just vertex painting. This was the thread I started: [link]. I’m sure it’s a matter of an update to the drivers, so I’ve just put up with the issues (I LIKE Aero, darnit!) since I don’t vertex paint much. You’ll also notice that your screen freaks out with the “limit selection to visible” button selected in edit mode. That one does bug me. If/When a driver update fixes this problem, I’ll make sure to post back in the “news” section.

Nice one guys. I agree - I like Aero, much as it pains me to say it. I think I’m going to have to downgrade to XP Pro because I’m having so many BSODs in the first week of having my new notebook.

Thanks for the heads up.

try linux, and IceWM…
nice light weight, and a few Aero themes that actually work with blender.

Sadly, not an option. This computer is shared with my better half (my wife, for those of you who don’t know that idiom) and she needs Windoze for her work-related programs. But we’re quickly straying into “off-topic” land now.:wink:

I don’t get it, I haven’t had a single truly nasty problem with Vista yet, except that my mobo software is kinda non-operational, but that was eyecandy anyway. But…you could create a virtual machine within Vista that runs XP, the only downside being Vista is still eating your RAM while you’re running it. (The software patch for that is free from Microsoft; what a treat, but, of course, the XP OS is not.) I created such a thing for running non-Vista-happy programs, but, to be honest, I’m just too lazy to set it up properly, and I’ve just slogged along with the problems we’ve mentioned above.