Vertex Paint Mode: How do I use this?

just a nagging question that i havent found the answer for…

yes, i checked the docs and no answer

any assistance is greatly appreciated


there isn’t a good doc on how to use vertex paint mode

but anyway, it is pretty simple

be in textured [alt+z] or solid [z key] mode, in textured your textures [assigned not via materials, but by selecting them when in face select mode and stuff] are visible

the right mouse button will pick a color

the left mouse button will paint

the brush opacity, blend mode, color, and size are specified in the paint buttons [in the edit buttons]

the blend modes act like those in photoshop
[except I don’t know what filter is the equiv of]

when the area button isn’t pressed, you only paint one spot at a time [the size of the brush doesn’t matter]

when soft isn’t pressed, the brush isn’t soft, it is a sold round dot instead of a gradient one

when normals are pressed the opacity depends on how much the vertex is facing the screen, the more direct it is facing the screen the higher the opacity [up to the specified opacity value]


that’s pretty cool

it seems every day i learn something new about blender

thanks for the pointer