vertex painting destroys mesh! 2.49b


I applied some weight painting to my mesh. However, the mesh doesn’t move completely with the bones though it’s painted 100% red, and and the mesh also shrinks and looks very ugly. I have the armature set as a modifier to the mesh. Here is the file if anyone wants to take a look! Any opinions?

perhaps the leg belongs to more vertex groups than is evident. for example, if the leg groups were also being influenced by the arm bone, it could do that.

I don’t think it is, but how do I make sure? Vertex painting isn’t completely accurate, so how do I find out if some vertices are in more than one group?

Okay, I deleted all the previous vetex groups and started from scratch. The weight painting works, but only 100%. If I paint at 10% or 100%, there’s no difference in the effect. Is there a setting that needs to be changed?

I read somewhere that weight painting counts as a total of 100%. So if you have a bone painted to some verts only sightly (say, 10%) & nothing else, that counts as 100% control. If you have two bones on the same verts, one 10% one 50%, it still portions out based on 100%.

IMHO, for something as simple as you’re doing, I wouldn’t weight paint, I’d manually select the verts & connect them to the bone, then weight paint & the joints to have the joints bend properly.

Oh, thank you very much!

If you select a vertex in edit mode, and then hit N, it will show a list of bones that the vertex has weights to.

You can use that to figure out which bones are incorrectly weighted to that vert (and probably nearby verts).

Usually this is a result of accidently painting some verts when painting from a wierd viewpoint or something.

The other way to deal with this is to manually weight the vertices by selecting them, then “assigning” them to the correct groups.