vertex painting fails

If you look at with at least 2.46 , even if I’ve painted a barb in black and red with vertex painting, I don’t understand: if I do F12: I can not see my colorized barb on the model.
So what is wrong?

It looks like you don’t have Vcol Paint enabled for the correct MAT if you switch to MAT 2 and enable it your vertex colors show up on the skin just fine.
Hope that helps;)

Few tutorials explain this precision
Thanks a lot.

Oh oh! Spoken too quickly!!
Here: in Material tabs,I have well pressed “Vcol Paint” button for MA:body.005 in Link to object
1)But if F12, there is no red colors of my Vertex painting!!
2) And outliner view, up view show that “sclerotiques object” is behind the glasses, whereas in Render, “sclerotiques object” hides the face, so is front. What is wrong again?