Vertex Painting = Polypaint..?

I just realized something: isn’t ZBrush’s Polypaint just Vertex Painting?

I tested Vertex Painting mode with the old Multires, which seemed to work but slowed the viewport at higher levels of subdivision.

The GSoC Multires implementation is where we should be looking, though. When I tried painting in the build at Graphicall, Vertex Painting seemed to only recognize the lowest resolution level (the eight vertices of the startup cube).

I imagine something like partial redraw, and the intelligent automatic type used in the new Multires (and ZBrush), for Vertex Painting. That is, if Multires partial redraw doesn’t do this already. Further, I don’t know where Vertex Painting info is stored in memory, but it may need some attention also – it’d suck to shift multires levels and lose the painting.

With a tighter interfacing of Vertex Painting and Multires, and the new Multires modifier and GLSL viewport, I can’t really think of any reason to continue with ZBrush…

Well, you see the difference is that Zbrush seems to implement voxels or some similar tech based model viewing that’s (it seems to me) software rendering based(no software rendering isn’t necessarily slow at all, depending on what/how you do[some thing]).
That may be where the difference comes from.

For texturing I’d much rather, in blenders case, look towards the advances GLSL has brought us,
and would like to see better/more advanced texturing tech/features be implemented.
(that both, in uv/image editor, as well as the texture pain mode in the 3D view port).
And keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be any worse than the ZBrush way of doing things,
just essentially the same thing is approached differently.
For an example check out 3Dcoat, and how you can texture a model in there. :slight_smile:

I’d be surprised it’s something weird like volumetrics – with the mesh subdivided a few times, movement like rotation stays at realtime speed by shifting to a lower level of division while it’s moving. I think it’s just partial redraw, more ‘invisible’ than we’ve got now but on par with the GSoC project.

I think GLSL is a plus for the texturing toolset, and realtime updating of Texture Paint and the image in the UV editor would be great and is probably on the way.

Polypainting’s just one of the few things that’s still got me ogling ZBrush; the idea of just starting to paint without any concern for resolution or seams. In Blender it’d even be possible to use Smart Projections to create super efficient UV textures at any resolution.

I was never really sure what the use of Vertex Painting was, but it’d be a great asset used like this on a high res mesh.