Vertex Painting Tool for painting Alpha?

Hi Blenders:
Please point me to the right direction.
I can’t find the HSV slider in the color wheel while in Vertex Painting Mode. And there is not color selection in the head UI, comparing with Texture Painting Mode. Does it just lack of it or, I just blind and didn’t find it.

Vertex Painting Mode :

I am looking for this

either click on the color swatch, or go to Preferences and set the color mode to HSV.

Hi William, appreciate your quick response! It’s great to know the options in Preference! But what do you mean by “Click on the color swatch”? Could you guide me a little bit more on that?

However even I changed setting in Preference, still, it doesn’t have the individual sliders for each value.



Thanks William!
I have a follow up question just wonder if you could have clue.
I try to paint Alpha in Vertex as well. Is there a way to paint Alpha? and If so, can I paint RGB first then paint Alpha afterward?
Appreciate in advance!

I saw that option in the Brush setting Blending mode, however, have no idea how it works. For instance, if I choose Add Alpha, what’s the alpha density I will paint? Even I was using Add Alpha, I can’t see any feedback in the view port.