Vertex Painting vs. Texturing

Which way of “coloring” your models works faster in the game engine: Vertex Painting or Texturing? I know that texturing allows amazing levels of detail, but right now I’m shooting for performance. If one is faster than the other, is the difference dramatic? Thank you.

there is a HUGE difference in performance (most noticeable on weak machines) between vertex paint and textures

VERTEX PAINTS are allot more efficient. you can get decent looking graphics with just vertex paints, but dont look to make anything speical, u cannot get very detailed graphics with vertex paints unless u use several vertexes, which then the vertices would make the game slower…u know what i mean

an example of an all vertex game is my RACE game at , click games, scroll to bottom and look for race

the graphics are decent (bad in some opinion) but the AI and gameplay is pretty good

it runs good on a 400mhz machine with 4 meg video card

Thanks, I thought vertex painting would be faster, but i didn’t know by how much. My main character himself is already 1500 polys and looks pretty nice (not to brag). I’m just looking for ways to maximize performance so that my game will have a wider audience. More exposure = More motivation.