vertex painting ??

OK guys, can someone explain to a newbie how vertex painting is used and how you make it show up on a rendered object? The manuals / tutorials I found don’t seem to discuss this issue…


I can’t say i know much about vertex painting, in the bottem left under edit thers an option to give vetrexs weight. once this weight has been add you get to thing that are affect (that i know of…andd thats not much)

More compane for blender uses it affects bone deformation, 1 beening completed deformation and 0 beening heaverly dampend.

the other new uses is in soft bodies. 1 means the vertex does not more and 0 means it will wove as far as its edges will streach

once set, in vertex paint mode red is 1 and blue 0

but it wouldn’t supprise me knoing blender that theirs alot more that can be done with these.

you are talking about weight painting

I’ll assume the original poster has figured out how to paint the mesh. To make the vertex colors show up there are two options in the material buttons that do this [but differently]

vcollight adds the vertex colors as light [intended for radiosity solutions where you might also want to use regular lamps in the final render]

the one you want is vcolpaint which sets the material color to the vertex color… your textures and stuff then appear on top of that…

my briliance can darken a room…my appologies, i realised my mistake about half a second after switching off. z3r0 d is correct, and i thank him for correecting me. If i am correct (still deciding weather or not to my foot from my mouth) vertex painting is more for gaming to save processing on textures but then again right now i wouldn’t trust me right now. :expressionless: