vertex projection in UV

Forgive my noobness,and maybe stupid question… but I was trying to put a word on a spher e(shrinkwrapping deformed the mesh to much…)
and i m not experienced enough for finding out other solutions, but is it possible to Project some Vertices on a UV unwrapped sphere and getting better result in the 3D view??
thanks in advance

have you tried a cylindrical projection?

no, but will give it a try, but that s only bent from left to right? isn t it??
I would like a bend from top to bottom as well…
here what i ve tried lately…
some svg shrinkwrap on a curved surface, note the undesired Connections, giving bad results
thanks in advance


try different setting for shrikwrap like project!

also if you don’t want distortion try to retopo it instead!
this will project it directly onto the sphere at 90 degrees

happy bl

If that’s a static thing (not like game asset or something) you could bend/adjust not converted curve object using Lattice probably.

It is possible to add two simple deform modifiers and bend mesh around two axis, however converting/retopo this complex thing looks like a bit of a work.