Vertex reduction?


my issue is a huge car model, which I want to export. But I always get problems because of the huge amount of vertexes.
how can i reduce the amount of vertexes without significantly killing the quality of the 3d model?


several ways
1 - manually remoe what you wish

2 - use the deciamte modifier

3 - use the decimate script
the last 2 will select more or less randomly what is removed
and you loose vertices in place you did not think
this can deform you model and you may have to add some to bring back the shape you like

4 - another way would be to retopo you mesh with a low poly count model


You shouldn’t use the decimate modifiers/scripts unless you really have to. It messes up the mesh, as indicated RickyBlender. Depending on your model, the “delete edgeloop” tool might be very useful. It will delete the selected egeloop, and fill in the gap.

You could render out side views of your model and remodel it using those, I really only use the decimator on terrain, because it’s something that’s random.

aight, thanks a lot. i will try these oportunities to see what fits best!