Vertex Sculpting Tool Idea

I was testing out Tom’s Mesh Sculpting script and I got an idea for another type of feature. Wouldn’t be nice to be able to have a Vertex Sculpting feature that let the user use Blenders mesh smoothing features and proportional editing with a negative and positive stylus? This stylus feature could “slide” over the mesh surface smoothing out the shape. This could allow a Blender modeler to reshape their mesh surface by smoothing, pushing and pulling the vertexes into an organic shape. This seems like it would be a cool script.

Imagine roughing out a model and finishing it up by sculpting the vertexes into shape. We could add more loops as we defined the shape and sculpt the mesh even more.

What do you think? Is this a good idea?

I don’t understand.

Think along the lines of sliding your curser over the surface of your mesh vertices. As you do this the vertices are attracted to the curser or deflected from it based on the level of negative or possive attraction that you set.

This way you can smooth sculpt out your non-organic model into a smooth organic surface.

By testing Tom’s amazing script I think that this type of sculpting could also work directly on the vertices in the Blender modeler with the feature structure that already exists in Blender.

why don’t you talk to tom, and help him get that feature integrated into his script, it already has all of the loading and cursor detection stuff that that would need, just code something to make the vertecies attracted or repulsed by the brush.

do die hard blender fans ever test out different products fully ? It would help. Wings 3d has this and it is very smooth and fast, but I would say go test it out and use the feature called Tweak.

tweak and magnet…yep…it didn’t have it initially…I mentioned it from having used it with Metasequoia(excelently implemented)…it’s an old feature from Poser and Lightwave…

But i think he’s refering more to what actually Amorphium and Zbrush do…

While it’s a very old thing, the fact is, the power is have it in Blender, as in those tools, you’re left alone witha very limited vertex editing set of tools…for further fixing/editing other than push/pull…

So, it’s rather good to have it in a package like Blender. In Max 6 you have something similar, paint deform I think or push modifier…can’t remeber, as I used max but not for model. Indeed, Max with soft selections acts similar, but that’d be more similar to modelling with hooks in blender, maybe, though haven’t dig that too much yet…

…I use Amorphium and Zbrush for that ,witha wacom stylus, if is needed, I can make a short avi screencap with (free)camstudio, to show how those deal with it…

one of my very first tries when purchased amorphium (sketch stage) with it.

I was missing the point with the tool (Zbrush wasn’t there yet, at least, not as a tool to edit 3d meshes) as it was really cool tool as is for detailing an already modelled mesh in a vertex modeller. Not to make it all with it(even with zbrush zspheres…i keep seing it as a ‘just’ detailing tool). That’s why I see the genius idea of adding it to a more complete-general tool like Blender. It’d be actually nice if it were implemented.

btw, amorphium has also like an smooth painting tool, that allows to smooth only there were you paint.

Has several type of sculpting brushes that produce different negativ or positive effects…is a very fun toy…

Yeah it’s a common vertex editing feature in some other apps. I find myself missing it in Blender. I will try to get this idea out to Tom as his script covers this area already. It would be a very cool mesh editing feature to have in Blender.

Blend on!

although Zbrushes is so much more than animorph. There are several modes, and you can input alpha maps as the brush. Pluss a smooth brush.