Vertex select only visible GONE??

I just upgraded to version 2.45 (from version 2.31 I think, used version 2.14 or so before that), altho I’ve been using it for a few years I still consider myself quite the newbie and hobbiest at this.

I looked for / needed to use the the button to isolate selection to visible vertices only (in prior versions appeared in line & following the [vertex select] , [edge select] , and [face select] buttons in the edit mode… but it appears to be missing from that list of buttons (used to look like this [here: ]).

I’d imagine I am missing something really simple here, but am completely stumped.


Are you in wireframe view-mode? Try hitting Z. Wireframe never hides backsides so you don’t get that button IIRC, since that button sort of combines the aspects of wireframe and solid/whatever.
Should still be there. Screen grab from 2.45

Thanks for your assistance - I figured it was something simple like that… it’s been some time since I’ve used the app & those little ‘tricks’ elude my memory. Thanks again! :cool: