Vertex Selection

Am I the only one that has a problem selecting a vertex group after its been made? Maybe there is something in my settings that I accidentally selected, but I’ve made hundreds of vertex groups and everytime I try to come back to it and select it, it selects the entire mesh instead of the vertices/faces I want. There obviously isn’t anything wrong with the way I’m assigning them because I can use them for every thing else they are made for, I just can’t press the stupid select button and get what I want.

As you can see, the particles assign to the vertex group perfectly to isolate the locale of her scalp,… however, when I just want to select the vertices of the group,…

…it selects the entire mesh

There’s a difference between not being in a vertex group and having 0 weight. If they’re being selected means that all those other non-scalp verts are assigned to the vertex group. Simply remove them from it.

It took me a bit to understand Stan’s answer, but I finally got it:

Look at your mesh in weight mapping. Are the particles controlled by the weights?