Vertex slide snap?

Hey everyone,
I’ve been trying to slide vertex on an edge and snap it to other vertex so they are in straight line with each other but it seems snapping doesn’t work when I vertex slide

It supposed to be exactly 90 degree here

Anyone knows how to do it?

I’m attaching a .blend file.


vertex slide snap.blend (412 KB)

That’s a no, twice. It doesn’t snap when sliding and even if it did it wouldn’t snap to an intersection of the axis and the target, unless it happens to be perpendicular. You could test the latter by making a custom transform orientation of the edge you try to slide along. Can do that by selecting it and ctrl+alt+space. After that you can move along it (G, Y, Y) and try vertex snapping.

You could align the view to a face or view from the side and do a knife cut with angle constraint. Then there is a vertex you can slide to.

Hmm… Ok, but if I had this mesh in an odd angle then I guess I would had to move my viewport to edges normal side view. Ok I think that would work but I just thought there is faster/simpler way :slight_smile: