Vertex Slide

I have loved the vertex slide feature ever since it was added in 2.62. However 2.66 is going to decrease its functionality imo. Now you can no longer slide a vertex in the opposite direction of an adjacent edge. Clarification: Before you could click on adjacent edge then slide it along the axis of the edge, including away. The new version doesnt let you click on and edge but automatically snaps it to the nearest edge. Because of this you cant slide a vertex away from an edge.

Is there any way to keep the old vertex slide short of continuing to use 2.65?

Just hold Alt :slight_smile: Look at the statusbar.

Thanks alot

i believe this will be changing from ‘alt’ to ‘c’, if in any doubt just check the help info you get once you enter the tool (this can be seen in the header bar of the 3dview.)

wow, thank you, i was just about to submit a bug report :slight_smile: