Vertex-Sliding Seems Broken (Fixed)

Don’t know if this is an issue, but the latest 2.75 R2 build suffers from unusual edge-sliding. It’s become incredibly tedious to slide points along certain edges, it does in-fact completely ignore some edges and acts as if it’s clamped to a single direction. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, however 2.74 seems to act much better in this respect.

Have you created a bug report for this?

I tried to redo the error but its working fine here.
Please report a bug asap, including a blend file which fails,

We’re likely releasing within 24hrs.

It’s not a bug, I mean it works but gives strange results. Here’s a short video, you can see that it’s letting me edge slide upwards and towards the right but not downwards and to the left. It never used to do this and it’s incredibly frustrating when I want to move my loops.


its called vertex-sliding, not edge.

And i also can’t reproduce this issue. (on today’s build)

Couldn’t reproduce either. In a hypothetical perfect universe, this discussion would be done in the bug tracker and there would be a file that easily shows the issue.
If it still happens in the release please do file a proper bug report in, filling in all requested information.

@Psy-Fi, indeed!

tsk, caused by own changes, but fixed:

in future please report these in our bug tracker.

I’m having the same problem in the official release of 2.75. Windows 64-bit:

Sorry, I don’t often use the forums so wasn’t sure where to make a bug report. But thank you for promptly fixing this because it was driving me up the wall!

Would a 2.75a be possible? A lot of bug creating crashes or such problems are in the release. Even if you fixed an amazing number of bugs (and still congrats on this) I think it would really help a lot of artists using stable releases to have this.

Everybody else seems to be saying this is resolved. Am I doing something wrong, then, or is it broken and should I file a Bug Report?

David: Use latest builds:

I wasn’t aware of any new crashes in 2.75, are these issues reported?

I downloaded it and the Edge Slide still doesn’t work:


@DavidBrennan, please report a bug and include a test file that fails.

From Blender’s Menu: Help -> Report a Bug

Seeing this thread reminded me to say thanks…G G is sweet…being able to do Anything while a preview window was running…I almost cried…so many improvements…a Salute to those who really do the Work…Bless ya

Here’s my Bug Report:

Seems to be working pretty well to me, the vert now snaps to the most obvious edge when sliding. I also think it would be a good idea to release a hot-fixed official build because this and other problems make the stable essentially inadequate. New-comers will not know about daily builds either, or understand how to use them.

+1 for 2.75a