vertex snap like maya

Hi, im searching a way for easier vertex snapping in edit mode.
I know the
Shift-S Cur -> Sel
Shift-S Sel -> Cur

but this is elaborate because i need this alot. So my question is, is there a way to do it like in maya? (just press v and drag the vertex to another)
greets Manuel

As a workaround you could use Merge tool (alt-m) or Bridge script and after that separate the parts.

thx! the alt-m helps me a bit more. not finger friendly, but faster than snap :smiley:

Do you know about keyboard numbers to make it slightly more finger friendly? Hit W then the corresponding number as it is down the list. Hit keyboard numbers, not num pad. For merge at center it’s W/5/3 for example. And it remembers your last special, so if you’re doing a bunch at a time, you can just hit W/Enter/Enter, (or W/LMB/LMB).

Or if you don’t want to merge vertices, just to move them on top of one another, you could try setting the Pivot type to Active Object. Then you select the vertices you want to move and select the vertex you want them to move to last. Skey, 0, Enter(Return).
So it becomes click vertex, click vertex to snap to, Skey, 0, Enter. Works for numpad and keyboard numbers, too.

thank you for the tips this really helps me! blender seems to be a deep water:)