vertex snap mode (Modeling issue)

while you moving the vertices around, is there a way to turn on “3d vertex snap mode” if there is one?

Also, could you turn “edge”?


You can set GrabGrit, Size and Rot in Information window (normally at the top, maybe you have to pull it down to see the buttons).
GrabGrid snaps in grid unit steps (objects and vertices).
(Grid size is set in the same window as the camera clipping.)
Rot snaps rotation by 5°, Scale by 0.1 steps.

With [Shift]+S you get further snap options. I think these are self explaining.

saw “GrabGrid”, not “GrabGrit”, Saw “Shift+s”, But not sure this’s what I want. Ok, let me try one more time:

there are 2 grid in your perspective view, one of the grid(not a perfect grid, with deformed shape.) is in object mode, the other one is in a vertex editable mode, I want to move the editable grid’s vertices to snap to the object mode grid’s vertices. Just like a mimic operation.

Grid or Grit, shit happens. Try hard to improve my English.

Hope you don’t have too many (much ?) verts to snap.

This is how it works:

Select first object, go in edit mode, select the vertex to snap to, [Shift]+S – Curs --> Sel, leave edit mode, select second object, edit mode, select vertex to snap, [Shift]+S – Sel --> Curs.

For many vertices to snap a boolean operation ( W-key; 2.25,2.26) perhaps would be faster.

Another way to speed it up a liitle would be if you join your meshes (both selected, [Ctrl]+J) an go on with the snap procedure). When you are finished with snapping you select one or more vertices of one of the “objects” and type L-key. this will select all vertices linked to the one your selected. As long as both “objects” don’t share a vertex only one of the “objects” is selected. With P-key you can separate them again.


Thanks a lot. It works.

But it is a lot harder than I expect. I have to move around a lot of

vertices everyday, can’t imagine I can afford clicking 6, or 7 times more

times for snaping a vertex.

At this point, this function is not very practical to me. I have to work

around, see if there is a way to achieve what I want.

Slowly I’m becoming curious on what you’re doing there.

Are you one of those Vertex Movers ? :wink:

So, if you have to snap a lot of vertices from one object to another in order to get a partly copy of the first object (e.g. a mountain), why you don’t just copy that part of the object ?

Tordat wrote:

Slowly I’m becoming curious on what you’re doing there.

Are you one of those Vertex Movers ?

I’m also curious! Tordat explained every possible option pretty well and I can’t remember anyone else complaining about having such a neat and handy function as ‘snap’. Maybe if you explain better what it is you want to do we may be able to come up with a suggestion of another, maybe better way to do it.


Also, could you turn “edge”?


To “flip” the edge, press Ctrl_f. Note that all your vertices have to be wound the same, so usually it’s best to recalculate your normals first -> Ctrl_n , Ctrl_Shift_n , or to do a selective normal flip (select the desired vertices of the face first) then press w, 8 .