vertex snap

i’d like to have some capabilities in a script. Is this (or sth similar) already done?:

-Snapping to vertex: select a vertex of one object, then another object, then snap the second object to the first selected vertex, ideally selecting x, y or z constraints, and/or pairs of them

-rescalling to pairs or vertices: select two vertices of an object, then select another object and rescale any axis of the second object to the distance between the first selected vertices.

I know this can be achieved using kloputils, but i find them a bit awkward, I’d like something like a ‘text input version’ of kloputils using a console like ‘’. Does anyone here remember if anything like this is available?

Maybe some python expert could tell me if converting the kloputils to a console input system is feasible… i’m studying the code but I’m still quite new to python.

thanks in advance

i believe some of those features are already implimented in the BlenderCAD Alpha release. the Snap features are there and well implimented.