Vertex snapping while using Grab (moving a linked duplicate)

If I want to move a mesh and snap it into position using a specific vertex, the only way I’ve found that works is by changing the mesh’s origin to be that vertex.

I move the 3d cursor to the vertex and then set the origin to the 3d cursor.

BUT if I want move a linked duplicate copy of this object, I can’t change the origin because all the duplicates’ origins will change and they will all move out of position.

So when using grab, why can’t you grab select the nearest vertex on the object you are grabbing?
There seems to be no option for this.

If it can be done, how is this done, please?

In Softimage XSI you can create a temporary pivot to do this. I imagine you’d call this a “temporary origin” in Blender.

Thanks in advance.

The behavior that you describe does not correspond to settings by default.

By default, that is the closest vertex that snaps to target.

So, in order to snap a specific vertex of object to vertex of another, you just have to set it close before using making a movement using snapping.

If it snaps to origin of object, that may be because you changed default settings.

That “temporary pivot” is called “Center” in snapping options (Snap With). The idea is:

  • you snap the 3D cursor to the vertex you wish to be your base point
  • you enable vertex snapping, set Snap With to Center
  • set pivot point to be 3D Cursor
  • move and snap as you want

There’s a patch in the works that should make base point snapping much more convenient, but for now we have the process as described above.


Many thanks Stan, that’s exactly it.

I’ve hardly used the 3d cursor until now. :flushed:

That changes from today!

The little thingy is immensely useful, always has been. It’s a classic “people hate it, but it’s simply misunderstood”. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think because in the benighted past, the 3dc was like a booger stuck to your mouse.

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