Vertex / texture paint mode.....

For some reason I am not able to find any (clear) documentation about vertex paint and texture paint mode in blender…

Anyone know something ? I just can’t believe that it’s not in the docu but somehow I just cannot find it…


/me checks the blender documentation on

that is odd

well anyway

there is some documentation on the keys and buttons

keys: (vertex paint mode only iirc)
vetex paint buttons: (from 2.28 docs)

so, you can change how the color is blended and the color, and the alpha (just for blending, not for setting the alpha on the mesh or texture) with the paint buttons

texture painting can be done in the 3d view and texture window

right clicking in vertex paint mode will set the current color to the one you clicked on

for texture paint, you have to have your UV nodes layed out in the UV window, and an image loaded that you will use as your canvas. go into texture paint mode, ( select the icon from the main header, and also from the UV editoer menu ) set you color/brush size etc in edit buttons, be sure to go into textured draw mode ( potato mode ) and start painting in the UV window. You will see the results in real time in the 3D window if you are in potato mode. it’s great for fixing seams on UV maps, and once you paint it up, you can also save the modified image, with ‘save painted image’ in the UV window.

Thanks guys… those are tips I am looking for,…getting rid of seams in this way…