Vertex weight in item panel?

After I defromed a mesh I wanted to check the “vertex weight”. But I do not see it appearing in the item menu. This is also the case with the weight brush. I’ve attached a screenshot:

You don’t have an active selection. Blender doesn’t know which vert you want the weights of. Select a single vert.

I do. Check the top most vertices

You have a selection. I don’t see an active selection. That’s something else, and you can only have one active selection, not nine. Unselect a single vertex, then reselect it. You will see that it is selected in a different color, indicating that it is the active selection.

Again, select a single vert to see weights for that vert.

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Ah it worked when I used it with ‘tweak’. I didn’t know there was a difference. I watched the blender fundamentals video’s. I do not remember them mentioning it. Anyway thanks dude :fist_right:" :fist_left:


which can be found here:edit: you have to click on the image.