vertex weighting

Hi all,

i’m new to this forum and to blender in general, but i’m not to animation or CG in general

i’ve been testing out blender and compairing it to other software out there (those costly ones)

anyways i’ve been rigging and skinning this model i have, and i’m doing the vertex weighting now, and i’m trying to figure out if theres a numerical value somewhere that shows just the value of the vertex i have selected… as far as i can tell, i can give all the vertexs individual values in a given group, but then i don’t have any indication except for memory what each vertex weight was… as far as i can tell, the only way to see what each vertex has is by switching to weight painting, and then it’s still just a colour value, and not a number… so am i missing something in the UI?

Yes, select the vertex in edit mode and press the N-key to see its properties, including its weight in any vertex groups to which it’s assigned.

alright thanks

for a free program it’s very capable, but it’s things like hitting n to bring up these values that just makes me think, why not have it right in the interface?

thank you for the help though

sorry double post