Vertex Weights & Duplicate/Flip

One of the things that has always irritated me about working with Blender’s armatures is that once a group of vertices are assigned a certain weight, you’ll never have access to this information again. In other words, there’s no way to select an individual vertex and tell which groups it belongs to, and what the its respective weight is within each group. This makes it very difficult to set up a left arm, for example, tweak all the groups/weights, duplicate it, flip it, and then simply change the group name. When you assign a new name to a group of vertices, all the weights (as far as I know, are converted to whatever the currently selected weight happens to be. Not having access to the vertex weight data, it’s almost impossible to set up the duplicate with the correct weights.

Has anyone been able to figure out an easier way to deal with this situation?

I found a good trick to do just that. Copy the arm and separate it from the mesh, then rename the vertex group and rejoin with the original.


A cookie for you! This turns a MAJOR problem into little more than an extra step. Thank you for this awesome tip. :smiley: