Vertex Weights

I created a human model in MakeHuman, Riggified it and imported it into Blender.

Now I have several Vertex Groups which were used for Weight Painting.
When I open my blend file, I can switch into edit mode and have one vertex group selected (see Image). In the properties panel of the 3D view I’ve got the section Vertex Weights. However when I deselect the preselected vertex group (preselected from the saved file) and select another one, I don’t have Vertex Weights in the panel any more.
I have no idea how I got it there in the first place, so I could reproduce it.

Vertex Weights displays the vertex groups and weighting of the active vertex in the 3D view. In Blender the last-clicked object or vertex is the active one. Selecting vertices with vertex group, select all, etc. doesn’t designate an active vertex. The weights panel in prop shelf won’t appear unless you specifically select a (grouped) vertex in the 3D viewer.


If I understand the process in assigning the vertex weights correctly this is done by weight painting, correct?